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Scholars at Unity Learning Academy will joyfully engage in an academically rigorous curriculum that prepares them for a rigorous junior high and high school experience all in service of preparing them for college and beyond. At Unity Learning Academy, we strive to be a place of learning that provides a quality learning experience for every student, every day, without exception. Unity Learning Academy will provide a safe, nurturing, and encouraging learning environment that will focus on results, celebrate successes, and promote a high standard for all.



Focus on Health

Unity Learning Academy partners with Global Gardens to provide every grade level with its own garden. Teachers at our school incorporate these gardens into the lesson plans, teaching kids how to cook with fresh ingredients, eat healthy meals, and incorporate the "seed to table" mentality. 

Catapult pilot program

Tulsa Public Schools believes that our schools are the unit for change. Unity Learning Academy is a part of the Catapult pilot program, which focuses on building a culture of learning and feedback.

Generous partners

As a neighborhood school, we live true to the Unity name by uniting our community. We are lucky to have many generous community partners who provide resources for our teachers, fund field trips for our students, and sponsor monthly dinners for our families. These events are wonderful times for students to show their parents what they have learned and get to know their neighbors. Thanks to organizations such as Graves McLain, the Ed Darby Foundation, All Souls Unitarian Church, and Partners in Education, Unity children know they are loved and supported in welcoming community.



A teacher poses with three students during the day


Contact Us

Unity Learning Academy
2137 N. Pittsburg Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115

ULA Creed

This is my new day!  This day is given to me fresh and clear! I will not waste it! I will fill my mind, body, and soul with knowledge! I pledge to be a great scholar! I will be responsible for my choices.  Today, I accept the challenge to become to the best that I can be!  How far I reach depends on me!